The Datura and Evernia Streetscape Improvement Project is a planning and design process to reimagine eight blocks in Downtown West Palm Beach. The study is a chance to identify short and long-term changes to the street and public spaces.  We see Datura and Evernia Street as the Downtown neighborhood’s front lawn and an important connection to the waterfront.  We want to know what you see and want.

The first phase of the process is to gather community input and develop a shared vision for the future of Datura and Evernia Street.  Opportunities for input include an interactive online survey to generate ideas and understand priorities.  There will also be a virtual design charrette  that will bring the community together over a short, focused time period.  During the virtual charrette, community members will be able to work collaboratively with the design team to build consensus around a shared vision for Datura and Evernia Street.

The project website will be the central location for information throughout the planning process.  Stay connected by signing up for the project email list and by connecting with us on Facebook.

We also want to recognize that right now is a time of great disruption and uncertainty as a result of COVID-19.  While we are socially distanced and disconnected physically, it does not mean we have to stop planning for the future.  For this project, we are using the digital tools available to connect, plan for the future, and be ready to create great streets that bring us back together. 

If you can engage now, we welcome your feedback.  If you can’t right now, we will find a way to connect with you.  This process is just starting and the virtual engagement is a tool to move the project forward.  There will continue to be opportunities to connect as ideas are developed and refined.