Streets are being transformed in Downtown West Palm Beach to connect people to great places where they want to spend their time and money.  Recent transformations include Clematis Street and Rosemary Avenue.  These transformations were part of community-driven planning processes and collaboration with the City, business community, and residents.

What streets are next on the list?  Datura and Evernia Streets.  The study area is the eight blocks along Datura and Evernia Street between Quadrille Avenue and Flagler Drive.  While the scope of the project is specifically focused on what can change in the public right-of-way of the street, the project team is also going to explore how public frontage along the street and the public spaces within the study area, like Post Park, can be transformed.

Why redesign Datura and Evernia Street?  Datura and Evernia Street are next on the list for transformation because of the convergence of several City initiatives related to transportation, public space, and economic development. 

The West Palm Beach Downtown Mobility Plan identified Datura and Evernia Streets as shared streets.  Share streets use traffic calming techniques and a curbless configuration to create a comfortable and safe environment for all users. The recent Clematis Street and Rosemary Avenue changes in Rosemary Square are examples of shared Streets.

The West Palm Beach Public Realm Action Plan developed a strategy to create a human-scaled city with streets designed as inviting public spaces that support daily life.  Clematis Street and the Rosemary Avenue transformations were initial outcomes identified in the action plan.  The action plan also included a focus on all streets in Downtown and connections to the waterfront, which includes Datura and Evernia Street.

Additionally, concepts for Datura and Evernia Street were included in the Open Shore Study. The project imagines the future West Palm Beach as a dynamic and inclusive downtown where activities and spaces are closely interwoven, providing access to a new urban waterscape, enhancing the city’s connection to the lagoon and bringing infinite possibilities of urban culture, economic development and leisure.

With the completion of these three studies and the construction of the Clematis Street and Rosemary Avenue transformations, the Datura and Evernia projects are the next stepping stones to enrich daily life in Downtown West Palm Beach.